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Join Round Table

While Round Table has no fixed criteria that potential members need to satisfy (except that members should be young men between the ages of 18 and 45), the organisation also has an obligation to its current and future members to ensure that its standards and ideals are upheld. Potential members are therefore guaged on a personal level to ensure that they possess the character and values that might make a responsible Tabler, such as honesty, responsibility and commitment.

The Joining Process

The process of becoming a Round Tabler may take several months and must involve a good deal of interaction with members on official and social levels, initially as a guest and then as a Pipeliner. The term "Pipeliner" refers to an individual who is in the process of becoming a member and has been proposed by a member of the particular Round Table club (the Table) which is to be joined. As a Pipeliner, the individual will be required to attend and take part in a minimum number of business meetings, projects and social events. In essence, this somewhat drawn out process enables both the members and the Pipeliner to get to know each other better. Finally, the existing members of the Table will carry out a vote to determine if the Pipeliner is to be inducted into the Table. The exact methods and procedures will vary from one Table to the next, as each has their own traditions and constitution which stipulate their unique process. Some Tables require a 75% vote before a new member can be inducted while other Tables require unanimous agreement among the existing members in order to preserve the social balance within the Table.

The Induction

A Pipeliner may be inducted at either a monthly business meeting or at an AGM of the Table he is joining. The induction ceremony is usually brief and will involve the Pipeliner's proposer presenting to the meeting a short history of the inductee. The Chairman of the meeting will then speak on the responsibilities and values that are associated with being a Round Tabler, and will remind all members that these same values are to be carried into all areas of a Tabler's life. The Chairman will then attach a pin to the jacket of the inducted Tabler. From the time of his induction, a Tabler will cease to be a Pipeliner and will have joined Round Table as an equal. An induction is usually not complicated or drawn out, but is still somewhat ceremonial because it is an important event and, for the inductee, is an event to take great pride in and one which will likely be remembered for the rest of his life.

The First Step

If you are interested in becoming a part of Round Table, you are very welcome to get in touch with us. This can be done either through the Area Zimbabwe Executive or by making contact directly with a particular Table. If you have any questions about Round Table and wish to learn more before joining, please also feel free to contact the Area Zimbabwe Executive who will be happy to provide as much information as you require. We are not a secretive organisation, and prefer to operate very transparently, so there are no hidden agendas and we are very happy to answer any questions you might have.

To make contact with any particular Table, you can use the contact form provided on the Table's page on this site. To make contact with the Area Zimbabwe Executive, click here to send a message now.

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