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Mazvi Kuchena

Mazvi Kuchena

Mazvi Kuchena is a non-profit charity project, operating under the auspices of Round Table (Area Zimbabwe). All proceeds, donations and income are used in the upkeep and maintenance of the buildings, grounds and other facilities.

It was built as a getaway for under-privileged children, mainly orphans from children's homes. It provides a much needed change of scenery while maintaining an atmosphere condusive to learning. It can accommodate 30 people at a time, and sits in a prime spot on the lake shore.

The lodge is intended to be self-sufficient, charging very reasonable rates to other visitors such as fishermen, or even entire families who want to get away for the weekend. So if you're in need of a family outing, this is the place to come. By utilising the facilities at Mazvi Kuchena you will have a great spot to relax and take a break, and you will also be helping to support a very worthy cause!

For more information, visit the Mazvi Kuchena web site.

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