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Harare 1

Harare 1

60th Anniversary

Round Table Harare No. 1 is celebrating it’s 60th  Anniversary this year. 

Round Table No. 1 was founded by dentist Robbie Fisher Robson who lived at 22 Woodholme Rd, Emerald Hill where the foundation meetings took place. Chris Molam, Chairman in 1980, happened to buy that house and was able to host the 25th Anniversary there on 24th September 1977 (only a few days after returning from WOCO in Canada!) – remembered by the infamous Cheese Board.

The 60th anniversary will be held this year from the 20th to the 23rd of September, 2012.

Be sure to check out Greenwood Park, one of Harare 1's major projects.

Additional Information

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Past Chairmen of Harare Round Table No. 1

1952 F Fisher-Robson 1953 F Fisher-Robson
1954 S L Gauldie 1955 P S Topping
1956 R Watson 1957 D S Jenkins
1958 H Briscoe 1959 E J Whitaker
1960 A B Marjoribanks 1961 R V Collings
1962 N A Kirk 1963 A J Saich
1964 D R Wilkinson 1965 P F Wintour
1966 T E Power 1967 M Daffy
1968 G Ress 1969 R Stumbles
1970 R van Niekerk 1971 E B Henderson
1972 M B E Whiley 1973 M J Fowlds
1974 S Menashe 1975 P Litherland
1976 J B Meyburgh 1977 D E B Shepherd
1978 P W Fearnhead 1979 I L Wynne
1980 C R L Molam 1981 I M Smith
1982 A J Aschmann 1983 A S Brown
1984 G W Field 1985 W R Clarke
1986 E R Fick  1987 R W A Walaron 
1988 G S Giles 1989 K Terry 
1990 D B Pirie 1991 L W Hickman 
1992 H M van Hoffen  1993 L S Christie 
1994 D J Harkin  1995 J Ragunathji 
1996 C Foot  1997 M Carter 
1998 D Fincham  1999 A Hardy 
2000 M Esposito / S van Niekerk 2001 S van Niekerk 
2002 A Melrose  2003 T Kille 
2004 P Mallon  2005 K Murrell 
2006 A.Brooker 2007 C. Viljoen 
2008 S Gemmill  2009 C. Kaschula 
2010 H. Scholtz  2011 R. Bell 
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