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Harare 45

Harare 45

The Spirit of Table

Initial impressions of Harare 45 will invariably show the casual observer that we like to have fun and enjoy ourselves. However, on closer inspection, you will find that our Table also strives for professionalism and a sense of achievement in everything we do, whether charitable, business related or social.

Harare 45 tries to embrace all the core elements of being Round Tablers, including charity work, travel and fellowship. However, if one of those three elements was to be chosen in order to best define our Table, it would undoubtedly be fellowship. Members of Harare 45 not only share commitment to Tabling, but also to the friendships that have been formed through our Table. This of course, also extends to other Tables and Tablers, with whom we have worked and socialised, in our efforts to carry out the aims and objects of the organisation.

Although currently one of the smallest Tables in Zimbabwe, this does not prevent us from getting involved in the Round Table organisation to the fullest, which can be vouched for even by other Tables in Area Zimbabwe. We believe firmly in maintaining worthwhile traditions while also introducing new ideas, and even as a minority in terms of membership, we aim constantly to be leaders by example within the Round Table organisation.

In summary, Harare 45's greatest asset, and the single most important quality of any Tabler, is that we understand the true spirit of Tabling. It is an intagible common bond that unites us with every other Round Tabler throughout the world. It is a spirit of giving and sharing, but more importantly, of working hard and continuously to bring about a better world - starting right here today, in our own community.

Projects & Services

Harare Round Table 45 has been involved in a number of charities. One of these is Harare Children's Home, where the Table holds a place on the board. Although recent years have seen a decline of the Table's involvement in this specific charity, efforts are being made to renew this long-standing relationship and to once again provide support to the home. Harare 45 has also been heavily involved, as a shareholder, in the Mazvikuchena project on an ongoing basis as well as conducting a number of smaller projects and services as one-off events, such as fundraising through Valentines' Day rose deliveries, and a recent Movember function to raise funds for cancer-related charities. There is however, a great deal more that needs to be done and many of the current problems are caused by the currently low membership of Harare 45, and further compounded by the fact that the few active members have also been heavily involved in other areas of Table in recent years, such as the Round Table Joint Venue and Area Zimbabwe. In light of this, there is currently a focus on increasing membership in the coming years in order to make Harare 45 more effective in supporting its own chosen charities.

Harare 45 Table Council, 2012

Neil Coetzer (Chairman/Treasurer)

Jeff Grundy (Vice Chairman)

Additional Information

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